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Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Third day

The third day started with a session about utopias.
The students had to create their own system of democracy which was based on the story about island Utopia. They had to build up a democratic system where every single person could live in peace and freedom including rights for all citizens. Therefore the students had to decide which rules would be important and how they imagined to develop a working infrastructure.
During the morning session they worked out their ideas in small groups, while having heated debates, considering and thinking about this task.
Later they presented their models and explained why they chose it. 

After lunch the bus took us to Heidelberg, where we would spent the afternoon.
Although the weather obviously wanted us to get worried because it was really cold and windy, we had a great day between the old buildings of the city centre. Those who never had been there before were very impressed by the inspiring and beautiful streets and houses.
Some of the group went up to the castle of Heidelberg which in fact consists of broken ruins but offers a good view over the whole city and landscape. A watch from the castle is always more beautiful than a panorama card, so our fellows really enjoyed some amazing moments on the top of Heidelberg.
The rest of the time we spent on shopping and exploring the township which was quite nice and gave us the opportunity to spend a day in our own way.

While the time passed by we realized how much we grew together. By splitting up our culturally diverse group into smaller parts we automatically mixed up with students from different countries and finally ended in a colourful, laughing, giggling and chatting community, without, more or less, borders and barriers of language, meaning and thinking.

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