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Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Second day

What were our expectations for this day?
One was definitely solving the mystery of yesterday’s task!
When the second conference session started, everyone was very curious whether the teamers would reveal the secret. So we were all very pleased when they indeed did! We finally understood the importance of this task.
After a small discussion, the teamers playfully introduced the main theme for the following sessions, which is democracy.
The project wants to deal with the question what democracy is, what it stands for and how we can get politically involved. Moreover, we discussed if school is a democratic system or if it just pretends to be one (fake democracy) with the teachers being dictators and the students their slaves.
After the discussion, we realized that democracy has to have laws or else it would be anarchy, but a too uptight system/government is defined as dictatorship. So Democracy must be balanced between the thin line of being too strict or to loose. 

The outcome of the second session was that: Democracy itself is about making compromises, question the system itself and the orders you get from it.
Organisation is one of the most important key issues in a democracy and of course you should always stand up for your beliefs.
When we finished the session we had lunch and some free time. Afterwards we compared the democratic steps from 1800 to 2016 and we tried to distinguish when the different nations started universal suffrage.

After coffee and tea we started the third session and we began with a questionnaire where we should answer if e.g. someone who was in prison in the past is allowed to take part in political decisions.
The opinions were divided but many students said that no one is allowed to vote when they have no idea of politics.
In addition, we discussed about political participation by handicapped persons. At last we all came to the conclusion that it is not so easy to say who is allowed to take part in political activities and who is not.
After the discussion we finally made a reflection where we should write down what made us thoughtful, what surprised us and what was worth to remember today. We did not talk about the things we wrote down because it was only for ourselves to think about memorable situations at this day.
In the evening we played some games, listened to music and talked to each other.

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