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Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Fourth day part 1

The last day before our departure was filled with many different aspects.

In the morning we were visited by a reporter from the newspaper Darmstädter Echo who is going to write an article about our conference. He went around and interviewed some of the students asking them what they learned and worked on during the week in Ernsthofen. We are looking forward to reading the article in tomorrow’s newspaper.
While the press team prepared a power-point presentation for the evening including lots of pictures showing some of our best moments, the group met for the next seminar session.
As they normally began each session the morning seminar started by playing group games. Also the students made a ‘flashlight round’ concerning the last meeting for recognizing what was good and which goals they did or did not reach. Therefore they had an aim chart where to put on little stickers which then represent the effort of the conference.

Then they got different headlines of articles and had to decide which they were interested in the most.
One, for example, mentioned that women in Saudi Arabia firstly were allowed to vote in 2015. Another one discussed the question if people should be allowed to vote in their ancestor’s countries even if they have never lived there. Likewise the other articles contained issues of democracy and voting rights.
After discussing about those papers in small groups and presenting the main topics on posters the students could walk around for seeing the results of their fellows. Also they could asked why they decided for specific headlines which helped to achieve a better understanding of each other’s opinions and views on things.

In addition they should consider which would be the best solution for our system of policy to solve problems regarding democracy, justice and government. As well as they did it with the other topics they discussed about, they presented it in plenum.
In conclusion most of the groups wanted to introduce referendums so that everyone could influence political decisions.

After lunch it was time for preparing the following afternoon where the week project would be displayed by different presentations.

In the evening we are going to have a barbeque to end up the conference in community.

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