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Dienstag, 26. April 2016

First Day

What kind of weather do you expect when you come to Germany in April? There won’t be only one right answer, every answer will be correct!
Arriving in Ernsthofen, the little village between fields and woods in the middle of nowhere in the German Odenwald, the first thing we mentioned was snow. Yes, it was snowing!
For German people like us this should be nothing special, because as it is said in a proverb “April, April, it does everything it will (wants)” the changing temperatures during spring are usual, but for our Israeli students it was more like a shock when they finally moved in. Leaving your home by 31°C and arriving by only 5, seems to be more than expected.
But the climate is not the only difference between Germany and the other participating countries, one of the fact we learned during the day when we got in touch with all the other students who would spend the following days with us.
Our international mixed group consists of 20 pupils from Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Israel and Poland.
Many people from many countries and many cultures, means different preferences, different opinions, different ways of life.
For us in fact this meant a lot of talking and asking questions, while listening to music and playing card games.
After having a cup of coffee and muffins together and another free and arrival time, we had dinner, which practically was our first official meeting as the whole group.
Afterwards we had our first conference where our teamers for the following days began the week with a moreover funny evening program. After introducing themselves and ordering us to write down our expectations and goals for the conference, we played some games to get to know each other.
We also defined some rules for a better communication, for example only to talk English.
Then we got the task, just written in a few words and not explained more detailed, to create a rule for the next day during the following 15 minutes, which should be effective for every person in the room.
At first we did not really know how to handle with this situation, but after some arguing and considering about how and why working out that rule, we came together and found a way we finally agreed with.
At the end of the time limit we had the aim “that everyone has to talk to everyone and has to know something personal about everyone tomorrow…”
But why should we create a rule? What was the intention of our teamers, did we fulfilled our task?
As nice as teamers are they said nothing concerning our asking but left us alone with the promise of lifting the secret behind it in the next session. So we are very excited what we will be confronted with tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds so nice. I wish i could be there too. At an event like this, it is really important to know each other and the game at the end was a funny and effective way to do so.